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Fan’s awesome haircut features Redskins logo, Homer Simpson in RG3 uni (pics)


A Washington Redskins fan who has both an affinity for the team’s superstar quarterback, Robert Griffin III and “The Simpsons” paired those two loves and the result is a pretty spectacular haircut featuring Homer Simpson in an RG3 uniform with the team’s logo as the backdrop.

The detail encompassed in the final product and the presumed amount of time and effort that went into this shave and dye job is beyond impressive.

The masterwork was the result of the supreme clipper talents of Jesus Cruz of Cruz Cutz Barbershop in Moline, Ill. And from a perusal of his Instagram page, Cruz has indeed elevated hairstyles into a incredibly nuanced, highly detailed art form. Impressive.

As far as sports-related hair art is concerned, this RG3-Homer Simpson mash-up tops even the masterful work done on the heads of some San Antonio Spurs fans last season (see here and here).

Given that FX currently is in the midst of broadcasting a marathon run of all 552 episodes of “The Simpsons” ever that stretches an astounding 12 days and ends Sept. 1, it should have taken the daunting and intimidating presence of the dogs, or the bees or the dogs with bees in their mouths and when they bark, they shoot bees at you to get this “Simpsons” diehard off the couch and into the barber chair for this phenomenal haircut.

UPDATE: D.C. Sports Bog’s Scott Allen reached out to Cruz, who said he was pretty blown away over the buzz being generated over the buzz.

“That was something I just put together on Monday,” Cruz told Allen. “I saw a picture of Homer Simpson saluting like RGIII does and just incorporated a jersey on there. I mean, ‘The Simpsons’ are running all day right now on FX and football is about to start, so the timing was perfect.”

Cruz added that it took him about an hour and forty-five minutes to finish the buzz. Impressive.

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