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Vikings roll out ’40 for 60 Burger’ that may have 40 to 60 fat grams, if not more (photo)


The Minnesota Vikings will spend the next two seasons playing at TCF Bank Stadium, the home of the Minnesota Golden Gophers, as their new billion-dollar stadium gets built on the site of the razed Metrodome. While some things invariably had to be scaled back related to the traditional “NFL Gameday Experience” given the team will be playing in a college stadium, one thing that has not is the team’s desire to introduce concession items that push the boundaries on gameday gluttony.

The team announced that the “40 for 60 Burger” will be a new item available at Vikings games this season, and from the looks of it and the bevy of fattening ingredients stacked on its bun, fans will be reaching for the Rolaids as often as the reach for their beers.

The name of the new item is a riff on the belief of Vikings quarterback legend Joe Kapp — you may recall that name from when the then-73-year-old brawled with a former CFL adversary at a banquet a few years back — that to ensure victory on the gridiron, 40 men must play as a team for 60 minutes.

The gastronomical gutbomb boasts a burger patty comprised of sixty percent ground beef and forty percent bacon and is topped with cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, fried onions, a fried egg, a secret special sauce and topped with more bacon, because, well, bacon is good.

All those items are stuffed inside a pretzel bun and will cost $13.

The Star Tribune reports that Aramark, the Vikings’ concession vendor, hasn’t figured out — or perhaps released — the dietary details on the monster burger, including how many calories or fat grams contained in the sandwich. While a mouth-watering and tempting item, looking at the thing, it’s probably a good call for that information not to get out.