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Jets QB coach: I told Matt Simms I’d ‘castrate’ him for doing Victor Cruz salsa dance


New York Jets quarterbacks coach David Lee was not among those who were charmed, nor amused, when Matt Simms busting out New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz’s trademark salsa dance after throwing a touchdown pass during the third quarter of Friday’s preseason game against Cruz’s Giants team.

In fact, Lee intimated that he threatened Simms with a grossly horrific and particularly transformative bodily alteration should he ever pull that kind of stunt again.

“He did his little salsa dance, and I got him on the phone,” Lee said, according to “Told him if he ever did that again I was going to castrate him.”

Yowsers. That seems excessive. Although the Star Ledger report does indicate that Lee made the grim pronouncement while cracking a smile, so chances are good he was joking when threatening to possibly perform a player castration. At least let’s hope he’s joking. For Simm’s sake … along with everybody else, for that matter.

Simms, meanwhile, despite Lee’s joking threat, understands what point his coach is trying to make with the comments.

“Coach Lee was just trying to make sure I’m focused and doing the right things and not making a show out of it,” he said. “He found it funny, but at the same time wanted me to make sure I wasn’t crossing a line.”

Simms revealed that he has met Cruz on several occasions, even working out together this past offseason.

“I even said to him jokingly—in passing—that I would do it,” he revealed.

And do it he did.

“I’m pretty sure that he just brushed it off as soon as I said it,” Simms added about his salsa dance-based conversation with Cruz.

That apparently was a mistake on Giants wideout’s part, although it’s not like Simms’ moves are as smooth as Cruz’s. Not by a long shot.