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It’s a tall order, but this Astros fan’s first pitch may be one of the worst ever (video)


The pantheon of pathetic ceremonial first pitches is packed with poor showings, embarrassing failures and outright travesties. So many, in fact, that it would take far too much time to chronicle each and every one of them.

While it is indeed harder than it looks — just ask 50 Cent — the act of either toeing the rubber — something worthy of respect — or stepping down off the mound and performing the pregame ritual from the grass and tossing a baseball somewhere near the plate and the crouching catcher should nevertheless never result in such woeful demonstrations of athletic ineptitude.

But sadly — and hilariously — it does. Quite often, in fact.

The latest entrant into the hallowed halls of the Ceremonial First Pitch Hall of Shame is a lovely female Houston Astros fan, due to her horrific pitch that was more slam dunk than baseball toss.

As the announcers noted, her release point was way out of whack. So much so that she pounded the ball not only straight into the ground but a few feet to the left of the mound, causing the ball to bounce and roll embarrassingly toward the first base line.

The poor gal was understandably humiliated by her terrible performance, but after expressing disappointment in her pitch (via With Leather)…


…Astros mascot Orbit gave the woman a consoling hug.

Yeah, that probably helped a bit. Not enough to make it all go away, nor does it prevent this poor woman from becoming a candidate for worst ceremonial first pitch ever, but a friendly act of compassion nonetheless.