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Tennessee recruits prospect with Photoshop of Beyonce, ‘Rolling Stone’ cover (pic)


College football programs often pull out all the stops to lure a highly touted prospect to their school and that can involve going to great lengths to differentiate themselves from others who also covet said sought-after player.

More than anything, when schools do set their sights on a prospect, it is imperative for the program to provide a player with an alluring vision that illustrates how much better off he will be with them. In fact, college football programs are willing to go to nearly absurd lengths creatively to sell itself.

Take the Tennessee Volunteers, for instance. In its quest to land blue chip defensive tackle prospect Shy Tuttle, ranked as the No. 6 overall DT by 247Sports, it pulled out Photoshop from its bag of tricks and threw in a little Beyoncé enticement for good measure to entice the North Carolina high school football player.

The Volunteers Photoshopped Tuttle onto a Rolling Stone cover sidling up to the pop star queen. Tuttle tweeted the amusing edited image on Monday.


Yep. Talk about making promises that can’t be kept. It just seems likely that attending Tennessee will not culminate with Tuttle landing on the cover of a Rolling Stone, much less sashaying aside the sultry and sexy Sasha Fierce herself, for that matter. Although it warrants pointing out that the cover indicates Beyonce merely thinks Tuttle should attend Tennessee, not that she will be at his side should he make that decision … but that notion is implied as a consequence of the Photoshop job. Whether or not it is enough to sway Tuttle to picking Tennessee remains to be seen.

Either way, it certainly is a creative gambit, but not as weirdly clever as when the Georgia Bulldogs sent recruits sketches of themselves.