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Teddy Bridgewater takes out ad in Lousiville student paper to thank fans (photo)


Teddy Bridgewater may have moved on to the Minneapolis after being drafted in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft by the Minnesota Vikings, but his heart still remains in Louisville.

The rookie signal-caller took out a full-page ad in the latest edition of “The Louisville Cardinal,” the schools student newspaper, to thank the fans for all their support.

It reads:


“Louisville Cardinals family, fans and community for the love you showed me over the years…

“Best of luck to the 2014 team and beyond.”

Classy gesture by the young man. The university has a lot to think Bridgewater for as well. During his three seasons under center at Louisville, the Cardinals compiled a 30-9 record as Bridgewater completed 68% of his passes and threw for 9,817 yards and 72 touchdowns to only 24 interceptions, stats that resulted in a 154.7 college QB rating for his career.

Bridgewater’s transition to the NFL has been relatively seamless and without any significant bumps or setbacks– at least in preseason games — as the rookie has completed 65% of his passes, thrown four touchdowns and no interceptions. His performance was not good enough to unseat Matt Cassel as Minnesota’s starting quarterback, but chances are good Bridgewater will get his chance to steer the Vikings ship sooner rather than later.

The 21-year-old demonstrated remarkable maturity when reacting to the news that Cassel won the starter’s job. When asked if was surprised, Bridegwater said, “Not at all. Matt has been playing some good football so far. He’s been great at mentoring the guys in the room. It was an overall team decision and I’m very excited for Matt.”

Bridgewater said coming in as a backup heading into his first NFL season hasn’t changed his opinion of the team.

“As I stated once I got drafted, I felt like this was the perfect situation for me,” he said. “Right now, I’m just able to learn, sit back and continue to learn, but also learn and prepare myself as a starter because as a backup you’re one play away from being out there on the gridiron with the guys.”

Bridgewater apparently was taught well during his time at Louisville. He clearly had an indelible impact on the Cardinals football program during his three years at Louisville, as well. And given the thoughtful nature of the ad and how he has approached his rookie year, it looks like the school had a big — and positive — impact on him, too.

(image via @gocardsattitude)