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Seahawks fan reenacts ‘The Tip’ with Levi’s Stadium’s Michael Crabtree mannequin (pic)


Seattle Seahawks fans touring Levi’s Stadium, the the brand-spanking-new, billion-dollar palace of the rival San Francisco 49ers, have happened upon an interesting display featuring a mannequin of wide receiver Michael Crabtree. And for at least one fan, a snarky sense of inspiration subsequently kicked in, resulting in the utilization of said mannequin for obviously unintended purposes.

A photograph was passed along to Seattle’s KIRO 97.3’s “The Dori Monson Show” showcasing how one Seahawks fan reenacted “The Tip”, the game-defining play when Seahawks corner Richard Sherman broke up a touchdown pass to Crabtree in the end zone that sealed Seattle’s victory over San Francisco in last year’s NFC Championship Game, using the Crabtree mannequin as a necessary and perfectly fitting prop.


Fantastic. But if a Seahawks fan doesn’t complete the scene by later reenacting Sherman’s infamous post-game rant, a golden opportunity will have been missed, something that did not occur in the days and weeks that followed when seemingly every possible way to incorporate the corner’s epic interview meltdown on Erin Andrews hit the Internet.

The fan who passed along the pic, Larry, said, “I think every Hawk fan should visit the stadium and strike the same pose. I’d love to see how many photos we can post before the folks down there decide to move Crabtree behind glass or something.”

Good call. Odds are the powers that be at Levi’s Stadium won’t let this bold act of mockery continue for too much longer.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, something about this story has inspired me to crank up Starship’s classic jam, “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now.”

Yeah, it probably had to do with the whole mannequin angle to the story. Yeah.

Heh. 80s references.

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