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Flip Saunders provides T’Wolves fans with a ‘Get Out of Work’ note for event (photo)


After an arduous, drawn-out process that seemed to last an eternity, the Minnesota Timberwolves will at long last officially introduce Andrew Wiggins, Anthony Bennett and Thaddeus Young, the players the team acquired in its long-awaited trade of disgruntled star Kevin Love.

The team did announce the acquisitions in a newspaper ad shortly after the deal was announced, but the official unveiling will occur on Tuesday.

The three players — along with first-round pick Zach Lavine — will make a public appearance at the Minnesota State Fair on Tuesday afternoon, and T’Wolves president of basketball operations/head coach Flip Saunders wants to make sure that the three are welcomed into the fold with great fanfare and a big crowd.

Since most folks tend to be stuck at work on a typical Tuesday afternoon, Saunders offered up a “Get Out of Work Free Card” of sorts, a note that employees can present to their boss excusing them from work, thus being able to be present as the T’Wolves usher in yet another new era.


Ha. TPS reports. “Office Space” reference.

Here’s the rub: If this note would actually work on a boss and convince him or her that an employee should be allowed out of work, chances are it wouldn’t be necessary, as any employer who gets presented this note and says, “Go ahead, take the rest of the day off” probably would not have required said note in the first place. You know, because they’re not really good bosses. Nice, sure, generous and accommodating to a fault, yes, but not particularly effective in competently operating a business and running a staff.

Still, it’s a heckuva gesture by the Wolves. And it seems to be a Minnesotan kind of thing to do, as Minnesota Gophers head football coach Jerry Kill did the same kind of thing for the team’s home opener last year.