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A’s drumming fan not impressed with fellow drumer’s beer intake (video)


During a recent Oakland Athletics game, a fan of the team who brings a drum to the ballpark to sound his support for the squad was particularly unimpressed with a like-minded fan who also has a proclivity for percussion-based antics, specifically how his cohort elects to tip back a brewski instead of focusing upon the task at hand.

Watch as the guy on the left makes the sarcastic “drinky-drinky-drunky-drunky” gesture at his percussion partner, clearly annoyed at either the frequency or amount of beer imbibed.

Do you know what these two need to sort it all out? Some “Careless Whisper.” That sweet jam, as evidenced by the way A’s fans have developed a passion for Josh Reddick’s sax-heavy at-bat music, always soothes the most salty of dispositions.

[H/T The Big Lead]