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Woman at Rockies game annoyed by portly Royals fan sitting in front of her (GIF)


The Kansas City Royals were in Denver this week for a quick two-game series against the Colorado Rockies at Coors Field. A woman who had procured some pretty prime seats in what appears to be along the third base line could not hide her displeasure at the prospect of watching the entire game with her view obstructed by a rather portly Royals fan seated directly in front of her.

She genuinely appears disgusted by the poor guy who is simply trying to innocently take in his favorite team’s visit to his hometown. She gestures in indignation to her companion in a “What gives?” manner after raising her hands and pantomiming as if she is about to strangle him. She must have realized that her hands would not be able to wrap around the large man’s neck if she attempted to wring it, apparently.

Thankfully, Major League Baseball did not post video of the incident anywhere on the Internet. Had the league decided to do so, it would only have opened itself up to a possible defamation lawsuit. Lessons have been learned regarding posting unflattering content about a fan, clearly. At the same time, it is entirely possible that this fellow isn’t the litigious type.

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