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Packers’ ‘Horse Collar’ is a 22-inch kielbasa with fried sauerkraut, beer cheese (photo)


Among the new offerings for Cheeseheads to gorge themselves upon at Green Bay Packers games at Lambeau Field this fall is the “Horse Collar,” which essentially is a gastronomic gutbomb with heartburn written all over it.

It begins with a grilled 22-inch kielbasa that is topped with fried sauerkraut and smothered in beer cheese. It supposedly is meant to serve two and runs $20. Rolaids not included.

Um, it kinda looks like a toilet, right?

Heath Barbato, executive chef at Lambeau Field, credits the introduction Horse Collar, along with the other new items, to the burgeoning foodie trend.

“There’s definitely a foodie trend going on,” Barbato tells “People are watching the Food Network and the creative throwdowns. Some fans are good with a standard brat and a beer, but many want something different.”

While it’s true that anyone who loves the ingredients in the Horse Collar will love it and with all due respect to Mr. Barbato, an item smothered in beer cheese and looks like the Horse Collar cannot truly be inspired by any foodie trend, right?

The Horse Collar is joined on the new menu offerings by Bratchos, which is a $12 bucket of nacho chips topped with pieces of bratwurst smothered in cheese.

“It’s basically Wisconsin in a bucket,” Barbato said.

Wait. Is that a good thing? And as anyone who has visited America’s Dairyland knows, if it doesn’t have cheese curds on it, it can’t possibly define Wisconsin.