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Kid wearing popcorn tub hat gets drilled by Bryce Harper foul ball (video)


As a consequence of an unfortunate yet hilarious sequence of events, a young fan attending Wednesday’s Washington Nationals-Arizona Diamondbacks tilt ended up in a crumpled mas of humanity … right next to the crumpled popcorn tub he previously was wearing as a hat.

A foul ball off the bat of Bryce Harper was the cause of the entire comical scene. As it bounded towards the seats along the first base line, a crazy carom caused the ball’s trajectory to shift, bouncing directly towards the kid — ironically wearing a Harper shirt — before smacking him straight upside his popcorn tub-topped head.

That’s what he gets for putting that ridiculous thing on his head. A bit of karma, perhaps. The grease likely lining the interior of the thing alone makes it a bad idea, let alone the goofy appearance. Everybody knows that the only proper way for a kid to improvise with a popcorn tub at a sporting event is to mimic Hungry Colts Kid:

Ha. Never gets old.

[H/T SB Nation]