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Cubs fan drinking from a baby bottle? Cubs fan drinking from a baby bottle (video)


It’s not entirely clear exactly what’s going on here, but here’s an adult Chicago Cubs fan sneaking some sips (sucks?) out of his infant child’s bottle. Yeah.

It occurred during the ninth inning of Wednesday night’s game against the San Francisco Giants, and it left the announcers somewhat flummoxed.

There is a chance he simply was erroneously attempting to sanitize or sterilize the nipple after it tumbled to the presumably nasty floor underneath the Wrigley Field seats. You know, after he uses his hand to wipe off the soiled bottle top.

Ultimately, as any parent knows, there’s not much one can do after a bottle’s cleanliness is compromised and there isn’t a replacement. It’s just unfortunate this guy had his unavoidable laissez-faire parenting style broadcast to anyone watching the Cubs game … and now, the Internet.

Love how the baby looks up at his pops with bottle in mouth and seems to be going, “Hey, Dad! Stop bogarting the bottle, brah!”

Still, he sure seemed to be enjoying his kid’s water. But with the Cubbies ultimately losing the game by a score of 8-3, he probably would have preferred something stronger.

Cute kid, though.

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