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Chicago bar boots Cowboys fan club over excessive profanity aimed at Tony Romo


A Dallas Cowboys fan club has been essentially 86’d at a Chicago bar allegedly due to the use of excessive profanity when watching the team’s games there on Sundays.

It should come as no shock the purported target of the alleged vulgar missives directed at the televisions is none other than Tony Romo.

Brownstone Tavern & Grill reportedly sent an email to Dallas Cowboys Fans in Chicago that discouraged them from congregating at the bar on game day, according to Marc Hochmuth, the organizer of the group. He said the club, which apparently shows up in great numbers, between 50-150 people, at Browstone during Cowboys games, effectively have been “kicked to the curb.”

According to a since-deleted post on the club’s Facebook page, among the alleged transgressions that got them booted include, as reported by DNAinfo Chicago, “Expletives (“F— you, Romo”) uttered by fans in the kid-friendly bar, members smuggling their own booze into the bar and aggressive behavior among fans.”

While Cowboys fans can still show up on Sundays and be allowed in, the bar will not turn on the audio for Cowboys games, which more or less told the club to beat it.

“The way it was handled, the excuses they made … it makes no sense,” Hochmuth added.

And Hochmuth ain’t happy about it. While conceding that the bar has the right to do whatever it wants, he argued the bar’s decision to make such a move so close to the season wasn’t fair.

“To find a bar, when Chicago’s the home team, and trying to get the sound on for your team on four weeks’ notice is impossible,” he said.

The club has initiated a smear campaign of sorts against the bar on sites such as Facebook and Yelp, among others.

“We’re going to trash them every chance we get now,” said Hochmuth, adding,

Brownstone general manager Anthony Stefaneli declined to specifically comments on the situation, instead only indicating that sound on Cowboys games no longer would be guaranteed.

But Hochmuth and his rowdy band of Cowboys fans aren’t going to roll over, instead indicating that he and his fellow club members will do whatever it takes to ensure Brownstone Tavern & Grill remembers it wronged the wrong fan base.

“We don’t want them to make another nickel,” he said.

There you go. Lessons learned. 1) Don’t ever cross Cowboys fans, and 2) Everything bad that happens to Cowboys and the team’s fans always can be pinned on Tony Romo.

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