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Yasiel Puig catches helmet after slamming it down, might be a Jedi (video)


Yasiel Puig obviously is a supremely talented young baseball player. He’s a true five-tool guy who also features an abundance of intangibles that make him such a fascinating talent to watch. The guy can even make flipping his bat such a compelling spectacle it has been incorporated into video games.

With all that in mind, with the knowledge that as far as baseball is concerned, there is seemingly nothing Puig cannot do, he nevertheless remains capable of astounding acts that can truly amaze.

And he doesn’t even need to be on the field or in the batter’s box to do so.

Case in point: After striking out during an at-bat on Tuesday, Puig let his emotions get the best of him. While he maintained his composure on the field of play by resisting the temptation to slam his bat down in frustration, the Dodgers slugger angrily slammed his helmet down upon returning to the dugout.

Somehow, he managed to snatch his helmet out of midair on the rebound when it caromed off the wall.

Wild. It practically rolled right up his left arm and into his hand, as if he had control over the world and could manipulate objects around him…

…like he’s a Jedi. That’s it! Yasiel Puig is a baseball-playing master and manipulator of the Force.

It was just like how Luke Skywalker willed his out-of-reach lightsaber back into his hand while dangling from the ceiling in the Wampa’s ice cave lair in The Empire Strikes Back.

Well, kind of like that. In a way. If Jedis were real. Still, you know what I’m talking about. If you’re a nerd.

(GIF via Cut4)