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FOX Sports’ Katie Nolan throws out first pitch at Trenton Thunder game (video)


FOX Sports’ Katie Nolan alerted her social media followers earlier this month that she would be throwing out the ceremonial first pitch at a Trenton Thunder game, the Thunder being the Double-A affiliate of the New York Yankees.

Nolan, who was the Digital Correspondent for FOX Sports 1’s now-defunct “Crowd Goes Wild” and serves as host of “No Filter with Katie Nolan,” finally posted video of her foray into first-pitching, a potentially dire endeavor fraught with the potential for anything from great embarrassment to worldwide humiliation. Just ask 50 Cent … and scores of others.

In the first edition of “Katie’s First Time” — hey-oh! — she chronicles her experience, from chatting with ballplayers to seeking out advice from the canine mascot.

Let’s put it this way, more bad than good can come from agreeing to partake in a ceremonial first pitch. If a person performs admirably, well, of course. It’s simple enough, right? How hard can it be? Hold the ball, throw the ball.

But if a person does poorly, the floodgates are open to social media savagery that quickly can evolve into mass media mockery mayhem.

In that regard and in this particular instance, Nolan appears to be her own worst enemy. While she didn’t do the greatest job, she didn’t do half-bad, either.

First off, Nolan stepped up on the mound and toed the rubber when performing her first pitch duties, something that not everyone attempts and is always worth bonus points.

Second, she almost delivers a great pitch, skipping it just short and a bit outside, but still good enough for the catcher to field.

As you will see in the video below, Nolan demonstrated great form, great windup and a pretty decent delivery. It was just the pitch itself that slightly went awry. All in all, not a bad job.


But Nolan has been nevertheless hypercritical of her performance. Nolan sets up the video on Twitter as follows, “It went.. well it could have gone better.”

She adds: “It felt like everyone was laughing at me but it was perfectly silent.”

With all that setup out of the way, judge for yourself: How do you think Miss Nolan did in her “First Time” at making a first pitch?

Not too shabby, right? Nolan is being far too hard on herself.