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Look out hip-gyrating Marlins kid, this young White Sox fan can bring it, too (video)


When it comes to ballpark tomfoolery that routinely occurs in the stands during a major league game, there are few things that captivate folks more than a young kid having a grand old time while taking in a ballgame. The unbridled enthusiasm paired with the innocent joy expressed by a child enjoying the sights and sounds of a baseball game creates a perfect combination for a delightful scene.

A few months ago, the Internet went crazy over a young Miami Marlins fan whose enthusiastic, gyrating hip action caught on Marlins Park’s “Fan Cam” transformed him into a certifiable superstar that culminated in the youngster getting the opportunity to throw out a ceremonial first pitch before a Marlins game.

Well, Hip-Gyrating Marlins Kid may have some competition as it appears a youngster taking in a recent Chicago White Sox game possesses the same penchant for whooping it up while boogying down.

Check out this kid getting down and getting funky.

Fantastic. For comparative purposes, here’s footage of Hip-Gyrating Marlins Kid, Joyously Dancing White Sox Kid’s chief ballpark dancing rival:

It’s a tough call, but it looks like Hip-Gyrating Marlins Kid holds a slight edge … he’s just slightly more disturbing … in the nicest way possible, of course. While Joyously Dancing White Sox Kid incorporates a prop into his performance,  the impromptu lifting of the shirt elevates his dancing into slightly awkward, yet theatrical, territory.

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