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Chip Kelly dives into pool for Ice Bucket Challenge because he’s crazy like that (video)


The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is of course an incredibly worthwhile cause that has taken the Internet, nay, the world, by storm. Sooner or later, as is always the case, the craze will go away, but hopefully much good will have been done before it rides off into the interweb sunset. It’s an inevitability in this short-attention span world.

In the interim, any well-executed Ice Bucket Challenge merits some attention. And Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly’s plunge into the Internet craze was just that: A plunge.

Watch as Coach Kelly, instead of having someone dump water on his head, jumps into a pool as he and the players stroll by it.

Ha. He sunk like a stone. It looks like everyone nearby was caught completely off-guard by Kelly’s impromptu belly-flop. Well played, Coach.

[H/T SB Nation]