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Bo Pelini, Cornhuskers send message to ailing young fan Jack Hoffman (video)


When Jack Hoffman, a young Nebraska Cornhuskers superfan, scored on a 69-yard touchdown while being escorted by players during the team’s 2014 spring game, the then-seven-year-old not only ran into the end zone, he ran into the hearts of millions who were perhaps even moved to tears watching the youngster diagnosed with brain cancer realize one of his dreams.

Hoffman received some devastating news earlier this month when he and his family learned that he has had a recurrence of brain cancer. He had been in remission since last October, but now Jack has to go through another bout of chemotherapy to treat the growing tumor.

The way in which Hoffman’s story affected people watching from afar cannot compare one iota to how he moved, inspired and touched the Cornhuskers football program, from the players to the coaches to the staff.

Huskers head coach Bo Pelini felt it was of particular importance to address the heartbreaking news and speak with the players about it.

As young Jack enters into another round of draining and painful treatments, Pelini and the players wanted to send the brave young man a message, hopefully to serve as a ray of light on the dark days ahead for the youngster and perhaps inspire him in the same way he inspired them.

“We’re here to support you. Remain strong,” Pelini says in the video. “We’re behind you, and we’re thinking about you through this whole thing.”

A wonderful gesture by the Huskers. And while it will almost certainly serve as an inspiration to Jack, something he posted to the “Team Jack” Facebook page upon learning his cancer has returned demonstrates that the remarkable young man has more strength and courage than most of us could ever dream to possess (via FOX Sports):

Thank you everyone for your well wishes, text messages, posts, and most of all prayers. While today was a tough day, we remain extremely hopeful. After getting some crummy news, about the only thing a person can do is go and eat a hot fudge brownie sundae. So that’s what we did, as shown in this picture.

For those interested in learning about the serious side of our day, please go to: — again, thanks for the prayers.

Have a great evening and thank you again for your amazing support.

Team Jack — Pray

All the best to Jack, his family, friends and loved ones as he embarks on yet another battle.