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31% of respondents in NFL player poll believe Johnny Manziel will be a bust


As far as the perception of most of his now-NFL colleagues goes, Johnny Manziel likely will enjoy a successful NFL career.

In a largely unscientific-yet-revealing poll of 100-plus NFL players conducted by ESPN’s NFL Nation, 69% of the 82 who responded indicated they believe the Cleveland Browns rookie quarterback will not be a bust.

The poll reportedly was conducted prior to any of the Browns preseason games, meaning Manziel’s sub-par performance, not to mention his much ballyhooed middle-finger antics during Monday night’s game, were not used to shape each respondent’s respective opinion of the brash rookie.

Obviously, both the sample size of those polled as well as any real evidence of any substance related to Manziel and his ability to transition to the bigger and badder NFL are lacking and insufficient, so the poll results are more of an interesting aside than anything else. Only time will tell, clearly, but it’s nevertheless obvious that Manziel has a lot to learn, both on and off the field, and deserves more time to do both, before any legitimate determination of his bust status should be made. But that observation should be a no-brainer to anyone except for knee-jerk reactionaries committed to either condemning or beatifying the young signal-caller.

One has to wonder how players would have responded to the same question regarding any of the other highly touted rookie trying to get acclimated to the NFL. But it wouldn’t make sense to conduct that poll, because if it ain’t about Johnny Football, it ain’t interesting, apparently, a certifiable fact confirmed even by the robust amount of coverage of the quarterback found on this here site.

Evidently, we’re all a mindless cog in the Johnny Football Hype Machine. Resistance is futile. Prepare to be assimilated.

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