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Did the NFL send out a headline alert that read, ‘Manziel Fingers the Redskins’? (pic)


Given the subject and the semi-salacious nature of the incident in question, it’s hardly surprising that “Johnny Manziel Middle-Finger-Gate” is the prevailing NFL story of the day. It’s got everything: Johnny Manziel and … well, Johnny Manziel. That’s pretty much all that’s needed in order for a story to generate significant buzz.

Be that as it may, a headline purportedly sent out in an alert from’s “First and 10” gives the impression that whoever prepared said headline alert is something of a wisenheimer who may or may not be employed much longer.

Ha. In and of itself, the fact that a headline from the NFL read, “Manziel Fingers the Redskins” merits at least a modicum of attention, but making it even more curious of a development is that this is the second raunchy headline offered up by the league in a matter of days.

It was only Sunday that the headline, “Seahawks Giving the Dick” hit


Methinks the supervisors over at may want to exercise some more organizational and editorial control over the site. Either that weed out and fire the  smartypants behind these two headlines. And if it is more than one individual behind these two embarrassing incidents? Well, good for us, but not so good for Because if these unfortunate — but hilarious — headline fails are the work of some kind of secret cabal, is in a state of snarky anarchy.

[H/T @awfulannouncing]