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Minnesota Wild fans get portrait painted of their dog as a hockey player (photo)


The Minnesota Wild happen to play in a state colloquially known as the “State of Hockey,” but a couple’s devotion to the Wild and their evident love of pet art  combined in a portrait that more than abundantly proves that they are willing to go all out in demonstrating their allegiance to their favorite NHL team.

And this particular did so by commissioning a portrait of their dog Copper outfitted in full gear as a Wild player.


The painting was done by the folks at Splendid Beast, an outfit that specializes in pet portraits. And for the right price, the artists in the employ of Splendid Beast will portray a person’s beloved pet in any sort of imaginative manner, from depicting the family dog as Napoleon to  an Ewok.

But for a hockey fan, a portrait of the family pet as a hockey player probably is as good as it gets.

And hey, imagine in some kind of cheesy Hollywood screenplay scenario where an animal plays a sport, odds are that Copper the Dog could have as much of an impact on the Wild roster as Dany Heatley did the past few seasons, right? Zing!

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