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Philadelphia Eagles fan’s ‘NINTENDO 64’ jersey is nostalgic brilliance (photo)


Without having to rely on the Konami Code, Philadelphia Eagles fan Jason Fanelli unlocked a brilliantly executed ode to video game systems of yore by customizing his No. 64 jersey with the name “NINTENDO.” He apparently wore it to some Philly radio station event over the weekend.

There’s really not much to add other than this guy clearly is the frontrunner in the clever, customized NFL jersey competition so far this preseason.

The previous leaders? The Minnesota Vikings-backing couple who teamed up for a fantastic “99 PROBLEMS” reference.

As far as jersey-based dedications to beloved video game systems of old are concerned, Philly guy’s “NINTENDO 64” ode sure beats my customized “TURBOGRAFX-16” Rich Gannon Vikings jersey. Sigh.

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