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Wait, what? headline reads, ‘Seahawks Giving the Dick’ (photo)


Huh. That’s … odd.

Attempting to come up with any legitimate reason how this headline about how the Seattle Seahawks were ‘Giving the Dick’ to the San Diego Chargers during Friday’s preseason game was the result of some terribly unfortunate typographical error may be an exercise in futility.

Try as one might, there simply is no reasonable explanation for how this could have been a typo and instead of the antics of some unhappy employee hellbent on losing his job in the most spectacularly snarky way possible.

Granted, the Seawawks did throttle the Chargers during a 41-14 beatdown, but that doesn’t justify such a patently crude but descriptively colorful headline.

There is not one example of a word that could replace “Dick” in the above headline that would explain this away as a horribly hilarious but accidental headline. Something foul was in play here. Weird.

[H/T Black Sports Online, image via @jailposejesus]