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Jessica Alba throws out ceremonial first pitch at Dodgers game … she’s pretty (videos)


Jessica Alba may be better known for being a total smokeshow than an accomplished actress, but she put on a fantastic performance nonetheless on Sunday when she threw out the ceremonial first pitch before the Los Angeles Dodgers hosted the Milwaukee Brewers at Dodger Stadium.

Both the Dodgers and Alba herself posted videos of the 33-year-old beauty warming up before taking the field.

Impressive. Impeccable form.

Given the preponderance of terrible performances in the pantheon of ceremonial first pitches, Alba’s warmup tosses alone indicate that odds were good that she was not going to humiliate herself when it came time to do it for real. But it’s a far different thing to competently under the pressure of having to throw a baseball in front of thousands of fans. Let’s see.

Bravo. Not half bad, not half bad at all. What the pitch lacked in accuracy, Alba more than made up for with taking it seriously and actually toeing the rubber, something that many are unwilling to do.

Here’s another look from a different angle.

She also pumped up the crowd by delivering the line, “It’s time for Dodgers baseball!”

And talked about her ceremonial first pitch performance afterward.

Alba says she had a wonderful time during her day at Dodger Stadium, posting a collage of photos from the afternoon.

Huh. She met Brian Wilson. That had to be an interesting conversation, right?

Alba, who reprises the role of exotic dancer Nancy Callahan in the upcoming flick, “Sin City: A Dame to Kill For,” is the second stunner to throw out a first pitch at a Dodgers game as of late. Bikini model Chrissy Teigen did a fantastic job of showcasing her pitching skills — as well as other things — a few weeks back. And Teigen claimed afterward she did so while drunk, or at least a wee bit tipsy, making her performance that much more impressive.