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NFL referee shows off laser cannon arm with 31-yard throw of penalty flag (GIF)


When it comes to arm strength, be it for any athletic endeavor, either you have it or you don’t when it comes down to it. Sure, one can hit the gym, lift weights, do a ridiculous amount of bicep curls or triceps extensions utilizing dumbbells until you in fact turn into a dumbbell — whatever that means — but nothing compares to innate, raw and natural talent.

And this ref, who showed off a pretty sick rocket arm while throwing a flag during Thursday night’s preseason match-up between the Chicago Bears and Jacksonville Jaguars has got it.

Sweet sassy molassey. He hurled that thing darn-near 31 yards. If he witnessed it, Jay Cutler probably had that ever-present smirk wiped right off his face as he stood on the sidelines like some kind of  stupefied, slack-jawed yokel.

It’s unclear exactly who is the NFL official in question in this astounding GIF — as SB Nation notes, if crew chief Carl Cheffers has the same crew he did last season, the laser cannon-armed dynamo Todd Prukop — ultimately it does not matter. Sooner rather than later, this guy is going to be identified and he’s going to be a star.

The only thing left to do is have this guy square-off in a no holds barred arm-rasslin’ match with Ed “Tickets to the Gun Show” Hochuli. That showdown would be the stuff of legends, at least in the annals of NFL officiating history.