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LeBron James takes wife on Greece getaway, reveals name of new daughter (photo)


With the summer doldrums in full swing as we await the home stretch of the MLB season, the start of the NFL regular season and NBA and NHL training camps, the announcement by LeBron James revealing his upcoming baby girl’s name qualifies as, uh, news. Kind of.

Anyhoo, the King whisked his wife Savannah for a quick getaway to the lovely Greek island of Mykonos — like all good husbands do, of course — and while there, the couple proudly announced in an Instagram post the name of the couple’s first daughter.

And without further ado, the baby’s name will be…


LeBron writes on Instagram, “Mykonos Greece is spectacular! Push gift to my wife @mrs_savannahrj! Zhuri hurry up and get here so your daddy and 2 brothers can annoy you! Lol.”

Lol indeed. Before we get to all the name business, Mykonos does look spectacular. You know, the island where Greek mythology says the large rocks scattered across the island are believed to be the petrified testicles of giants slayed by Hercules? (The More You Know…)

While Zuri means “Beautiful” in Swahili, there is little to be gleaned from the endless baby name sites on the interwebs that details exactly what Zhuri means. Perhaps the proud parents simply wanted to differentiate from the countless other Zuris in the world. Or something.

As far as when little Zhuri will make her grand entrance and join LeBron, Savannah and her two big brothers, it was revealed in June that the couple was expecting, but no due date has been announced, although speculation began in March that Savannah might be in the family way.

In any event, Zhuri is a wonderful name. But it does remind us of the debacle that ensued when made the horrible decision to ask readers to offer up their suggestions for the new baby’s name. This was before James announced he was returning to the Cavaliers, you see. And it was ugly.

Something tells me the bit would have went off far better after James made his “Decision 2: Electric Boogaloo.” Yeah.