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Kliff Kingsbury responds to ‘breakup letter’ from attractive Arkansas fan (photos)


Texas Tech Red Raiders head football coach Kliff Kingsbury is the man. Plain and simple. With his leading man looks and the meticulous care he puts into his appearance, always looking suave and debonair, it’s no surprise he’s a bit hit with the ladies.

It probably shouldn’t be surprising, either, that his masculine wiles have a way of even seducing women who have a conflict of interest, so to speak, who find themselves incapable of succumbing to his considerable charms.

One such woman who was inescapably drawn to Kingsbury is Pam Robles. You see, Robles is an ardent Arkansas Razorbacks fan but she found herself unable to resist Kingsbury when she first laid eyes upon him last year.

Before we continue, here is the alleged Miss Robles.


There you go.

Despite her strong feelings, Robles decided recently that she had to end the one-sided love affair, whether to reconcile herself with the Razorbacks or to avoid heartbreak. Perhaps both.

The smitten young woman went so far as to send Kingsbury a breakup letter — which included the above scintillating photograph — a heartbreaking account of a love that simply was not meant to be, nor should ever have been attempted, perhaps.


(click to enlarge)

Woo pig sooie, indeed. Or something.

And wow, she actually sent him a mixtape. Now that’s how to keep a breakup classy.

In and of itself, the fact Kingsbury could inspire a woman to write such a detailed letter regarding a love gone bad, that alone would make for a great story.

But it gets better: Kingsbury apparently replied to the woman, sending her a note in which he laments a love affair gone wrong.

Not only that, he sent along a care package.


(click to enlarge)

Absolutely, utterly and brilliantly fantastic.

Again, Kliff Kingsbury? He’s the freaking man. Man.

(image credit: imgur)