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Avast ye matey, John Axford dons Pirate garb to celebrate joining Pirates (photo)

When the Pittsburgh Pirates claimed John Axford off waivers on Thursday, the team probably did not expect that the relief pitcher would so wholeheartedly greet the sudden change of scenery.

So much so, in fact, that Axford, something of an eccentric fellow in his own right, outfitted himself in full pirate garb in order to celebrate the identity of his new team.

Arrrrrgh! Then again, Axford has much to be happy about concerning the move. After signing a one-year, $4.5 million deal with Cleveland Indians — thank goodness Axford didn’t don any outfits after signing that contract — with the expectation that he would lock down the team’s closer job, Axford sputtered, ultimately being relegated to setup man duties, where he continued to struggle. In that sense, he is allowed to move on from a bad situation to hopefully a good one. Despite how the season has gone, Axford nevertheless took to Twitter to also thank his teammates and fans for all the support.

So, it’s a fresh start for Axford, and shiver me timbers, he sure looks happy about it.