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Fan’s web gem fail saves woman from being drilled in face by home run ball (video)


While this amazing incident occurred on Wednesday, despite the lack of timeliness, it nevertheless behooves me even a few days later to address how perilously close a home run hit by Colorado Rockies second baseman¬†D.J. LeMahieu could have ended in total disaster … at least for one woman’s face.

LeMahieu went yard during the 5th inning of Wednesday’s tilt against the San Diego Padres and as the ball traveled over the fence and into the seats, it was bearing down like a heat-seeking missile on the face of a woman.

While the woman was unaware of the impending doom, a fan with glove on hand seated nearby did his best to lean over and snatch the ball, himself unaware that his glove was close to making contact with the woman’s face as well as the ball deflected of his mitt.

The two separate events occurring concurrently luckily intersected and resulted with the man failing to make a sweet grab but successfully saving the woman from having to undergo radical reconstructive surgery. Because if that ball would have drilled her straight in the face…

…it wouldn’t have been pretty.¬† The look on sudden terror that erupts on the woman’s face as the events transpired mere inches from her face is quite the sight.

Yeesh. And let’s throw in a yamma hamma in there for good measure.

[H/T Cut4]