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Urine for a shock: Arian Foster admits to being a Hot Tob Pee Machine


Houston Texans running back Arian Foster may be making a habit of treating the media with abject surliness during this summer’s edition of training camp, but he apparently saves his most galling behavior towards others to those friends, family and acquaintances who ever happen to have the misfortune of sharing a hot tub with him.

In a completely odd, random, out-of-the-blue and unprompted admission, Foster took to Twitter on Friday morning to freely admit that he is indeed a hot tub urinator.

Fair enough. But what a strange thing to randomly offer up without prompting. Shortly after his pee-pee confessional, Foster attempted to explain himself, expanding upon who urinating in the hot tub is an uncontrollable, involuntary and unsanitary act of sweet relief … and release.

There you have it. Odds are Roger and Virginia Clarvin would forever regret inviting Foster to soak in the soothing sensations of their “ha-tub” at the Welshly Arms Hotel. Frankly, they would be shocked at such an affront to the romanticism and majesty of their bubbly slice of paradise…


On the other hand, perhaps not. Those two are kind of on the freaky-deaky side, after all.