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Paul George buys up all No. 24 merchandise, donates it to his high school (photos)


Paul George earlier this week was granted permission by the NBA to change his jersey number from 24 to 13. The recovering Indiana Pacers star did so apparently so he could have the nickname, PG-13, which, while pretty clever, is kind of cheesy nevertheless.

Be that as it may, NBA rules typically require a player to buy out all remaining merchandise available featuring the old jersey number if he is changing numbers while remaining a member of the same team, but since George’s request came before an arbitrary deadline, the league reportedly waived that condition.

Even though George did not have to do so to effectuate the jersey number switch, he nevertheless did so anyway. And to help give some meaning to the accumulation of now-dated merchandise, George generously donated all of it to his former high school, Knight High School in Palmdale, Calif.

George tweeted that “Palmdale will always have my heart!” when word began to spread about his thoughtful gesture. A flurry of activity on social media followed — a lot of which George retweeted himself — that indicated that the students and faculty at Knight High School were pretty thrilled with all the free gear.

Pretty awesome. The kids look thrilled. Along with all the Pacers fans that are pulling for him as he recovers from his horrible leg injury, odds are everyone at his old high school is hoping he gets well soon, too.

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