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Gross: OKC Thunder auctioning off Nick Collison’s blood-stained shoes (photo)


For ever conceivable sports memorabilia item, no matter how strange, odds are there is at least one person interested in procuring said item and calling it their own.

The Oklahoma City Thunder are clearly counting on that presumed truism given that the team is auctioning off a pair of Nick Collison’s game-worn shoes.

Not only are the kicks autographed, what makes these pair of shoes particularly compelling — and kinda gross — is that there just so happens to be some droplets of blood on them.

Here’s the video of the incident that caused the bleeding.

The item’s description on the auction page somewhat explains it all.

Oklahoma City Thunder forward/center Nick Collison wore these shoes during the April 3, 2014, Thunder home game against the San Antonio Spurs. During the game, Collison took a hit to the head, resulting in a cut that left several drops of blood on these shoes, which Collison later autographed.


What an odd item. The leading bid as of Wednesday morning? $800. The auction does close on Aug. 18, so don’t miss out.

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Shockingly, there have been seven bids thus far and a look at the bidding history means that there are three people in the world who are willing to spend a fairly significant amount of cash to own a pair of Nick Collision’s blood-stained shoes.

What a world.

But hey, from the looks of it, the proceeds will benefit the team’s Thunder Cares Foundation. So, it’s all charity, which makes it a little less strange. In a way.

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