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RG3 serenaded by Redskins fan with RG3 song at training camp (videos)


The Washington Redskins football team has since departed its training camp home of the past few weeks, Richmond, Va. But on Wednesday, a video surfaced of some great fan-player interaction that featured a wonderful musical interlude.

Before the team up and left, Robert Griffin III had the wonderful experience of being serenaded by a very passionate — and very loud — fan with a special song apparently composed specifically in his honor.

D.C. Sports Bog reports that said fan began a chant on the sidelines as he watched the team practice. Either it became so noticeable or, like a siren’s song, RG3 was unable to resist its lure, the quarterback sauntered over to where the fan was standing an listened to him perform the little ditty.

RG3 actually appeared to be enjoying himself while grooving to the tune.

The lyrics to the song are in part:

Haillllll, to the Redskins!

Haiilllll RGIII.


Put a touchdown on the board;

Alfred Morris he’ll be the one-ne who scored.

Fight fight fight (fight fight fight), fight fight fight (fight fight fight),

Fight fight fight (fight fight fight), fight fight fight (fight fight fight).

(Etc., until death)

What the song lacks in polish and professionalism, it more than makes up for its shortcomings with passion. That cannot be denied.

Great stuff and a welcome departure from the regular, far more serious Redskins-related news items.

Sure, the interaction between fan and RG3 was no “Middle-aged woman asking Ryan Clark to sign her breast” — that’s a tough one to top — but it has to be one of the fan-related highlights from Redskins training camp.