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If any fan base deserves a team-branded vodka bottle, it’s Cubs fans (pic)


We could go on and on and provide a laundry list of wrongs and provide examples of the suffering the Chicago Cubs have imparted upon their dedicated fan base. In fact, it has been so bad at times, there is almost a quasi-sadistic quality to it all.

At the same time, given how many times Cubs fans have had their souls crushed and psyches ravaged by either the team’s organizational ineptitude or horrific bad luck, there arguably is a masochistic component to it all as well.

Whether Cubs Nation’s collective suffering is a form of sadism, masochism or a little bit of both, at least the fans can take solace in the fact that the team became the first-ever team-branded bottle from Smirnoff.

That’s … something. Right?

So drink up, legions of Lovable Losers backers, from your Cubs-branded vodka bottle. It will numb the pain ever so slightly.