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Browns fan in ‘Burnt Orange Man’ bodysuit holds ‘#HonkForHoyer’ sign (photo)


A 25-year-old Cleveland Browns fan who would not reveal his true identity for “professional, business reasons” — makes sense — is doing his part to gauge fans attitude related to the quarterback competition betwen Brian Hoyer and Johnny Manziel.

Browns fans are predictably torn between the two quarterbacks, and one man and one man alone is doing something about it.

Standing outside the team’s training camp facilities in Barea, Ohio, and wearing a full spandex bodysuit bearing the Browns’ signature color, “Burnt Orange Man” holds a sign that clearly indicates where his allegiances lie in the QB training camp battle.

Yep, “BuOrange Man” is throwing his support behind the more experienced Hoyer over the raw rookie Manziel. The “#HonkForHoyer” sign, through which this man must be attempting to start some kind of Twitter movement, really says it all.

So, how has the response been from passersby, “Burnt Orange Man”?

“I’d say the honks have been 50-50 for Brian with some lulls in between,’’ the fan is quoted as saying by For the Win. “I believe Johnny is our future. But I just think Brian is the better quarterback as a proven veteran.’’

A pretty informed and reasoned analysis. The full body spandex bodysuit may be all for flash, but despite the attention-grabbing facade, “Burnt Orange Man” certainly has some substance behind all that, um, style.

Here’s what appears to be another image of the guy, who in this photo seems to be, because of the lighting, more of a “Yellow Man” than anything.

Let’s just assume this is the same fellow and there aren’t competing guys in full body spandex suits standing on street corners in Barea. The world would make a lot less sense otherwise.

(image credit: @ForTheWin)