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Youngster makes great catch at Padres-Rockies game, gives ball to other kid (video)


When stories about souvenir baseballs switching hands in the stands, it typically involves some grown adult doing something despicable (see here and here). Other times, even more disgraceful things occur in the stands involving a child and a baseball.

And while stories such as the ones above makes us shake our heads in disappointment due to the reprehensible behavior of others, sometimes, a story involving the transfer of ownership of a souvenir ball comes along (like this one, for instance) that restores our faith not only in humanity as it currently sits, but given it involves a child’s act of selfless generosity (like in this story), it restores the faith in our shared future as well.

Perhaps it’s over-exaggerating — or at least overstating — what wisdom can be gleaned from an incident at a ballpark, of all places, but how refreshing is it to see something like what occurred during Monday’s game between the Colorado Rockies and San Diego Padres when a young fan tossed the ball to another young fan after making a stupendous catch of a foul ball?

Watch as the youngster happily tosses the ball to a fellow youngster without giving it a second thought.

That’s nice. The look of joy on the young recipient’s face when he catches the souvenir is worth 100 baseballs. Good for this kid. And better yet, good for the future.

And it wasn’t even the only time in this particular game that something as heartwarming as what transpired between these two wee lads occurred. At another point in the game, an adult snagged a ball hit out of play, only to pass it down the row to a little girl.

The way she hugged the ball given to her courtesy of such a thoughtful gesture truly is adorable.
A mention of “good job” goes this guy, too.