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LeSean McCoy ‘admits to using PEDs’ in commercial, practices blindfolded (pics/vid)


LeSean McCoy may be developing into one of the better running backs in the NFL, but he apparently has had some help getting there through the use of PEDs: Potential-Enhancing Dryer Sheets.

In a new commercial for Bounce for Men “Pure Sport” fabric softener dryer sheets, the Philadelphia Eagles running back fesses up to his PED usage in a send-up of confessional announcements by athletes caught for an entirely kind of PED that doesn’t involve having one’s clothes soft to the touch and smelling fresh straight out of the dryer.

In an unrelated story — or is it? (potential-enhancing and everything) — McCoy posted photos to Twitter on Monday of himself practicing blindfolded.

Impressive. The “major announcement” of McCoy copping to PED usage was also preceded by McCoy posting a video of himself tossing around a 45-pound weight like it was a Frisbee, flinging the thing about 10 yards with the greatest of ease.

McCoy sure has been occupying himself with unorthodox practice techniques while keeping his eye on the prize of his stated goal of rushing for 2,000 yards this season, something he tied into his endorsement of Bounce.

Bounce has partnered up with McCoy in his 2,000-yard quest and apparently will donate $10 for every yard he amasses this season.

As far as reaching the 2,000-yard mark this season, it’s unlikely that the use of potential-enhancing dryer sheets will help his achieve his goal, but then again, it probably won’t hurt, either.