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Titans wideout Justin Hunter identified as ‘Just Another Guy’ on practice jersey (photo)


Second-year Tennessee Titans wide receiver Justin Hunter had a modestly successful, if not prolific, rookie season last year coming out of the Tennessee Volunteers program, making 18 receptions for 354 yards, a nifty 19.7-yard-per-catch average, to go along with four touchdowns.

But as far as Titans head coach Ken Whisenhunt is concerned, it’s time for the young wideout to put up or shut up, and that means complete commitment to doings things right every time.

Hunter ran afoul of Whisenhunt for making a route-running mistake during the team’s preseason game against the Green Bay Packers on Saturday. The head coach pointed it out during a film review session and when Hunter arrived at practice on Monday, he was sporting a new nameplate on his jersey, one that pointed out with understated simplicity that much work is to be done if Hunter is going to make a name of himself … literally.

“The receivers have been talking about that for a minute, since last year, just playing around,” Hunter said Monday, according to Titans Insider report. “But then Coach Whis said something about it in a meeting. I didn’t convert a route and do what I was supposed to do, and he called me out in the meeting and said, ‘Justin, you can be a great player, but after that play, you look like ‘Just Another Guy.'”

That’s when Titans receivers coach Shawn Jefferson turned the lesson into something tangible, so that Hunter would not forget, all the while enjoying a slice of humble pie and some assumed ribbing from his teammates.

“Jeff, he has no remorse for me. He holds me to the highest standard, so he asked them to put it on my jersey. He told (equipment manager) Matt (Thornton). I’ve had it for two days now,” Hunter said

On Monday, the back of Hunter’s practice jersey read “J.A.G.”, an acronym for “Just Another Guy,” not Judge Advocate General. Duh.

Hunter understood the message and did not seem to rattled or bitter about it.

“It’s cool. It doesn’t matter, because in the game, my real name will be on there,” Hunter said.