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Johnny Manziel gets creepily possessive over Colleen Crowley on Instagram (photo)


Somehow eluding the tremendous amount of attention given to the comings and goings of Johnny Manziel as it relates to his off-the-field activities is a story about how the Cleveland Browns rookie quarterback took to Instagram to go borderline caveman and stake a claim of ownership and dominion over his girlfriend Colleen Crowley.

Over the weekend, Crowley posted a photograph of herself on Instagram pretending to lay a virtual smooch on her boyfriend courtesy of a television screen that was airing footage from a Johnny Football press conference.

While that in of itself is a pretty strange thing to post, Manziel one-upped his gorgeous gal by reposting the photo to his Instagram account. But what makes that particularly strange is Manziel simply and succinctly wrote, “Mine.”

Huh. Of course, it likely was all in jest but it does come across as borderline creepy with a dash of slightly disturbing possessiveness, especially given the couple, who have really taken their relationship public as of late, appear to be going strong. Being a superstar NFL quarterback, even without taking a pro snap in a real game yet doesn’t hurt his status as a big catch, either.

While there are certainly more worthy things to cover concerning Manziel — his play on the field for instance — the fact that he took to social media to proclaim ownership of his gorgeous girlfriend definitely comes across as a tad off-putting and worthy of at least a passing mention. I guess that’s what TMZ is for after all, right?

Thinking about the entire “Mine” thing, maybe it’s possible the meaning behind it is being misinterpreted. Perhaps Manziel meant it to be like one of those candy hearts … you know, like a “BE MINE” kind of thing. Whatever the case, it sure looks like these two are a real deal couple now.