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Sigh: Dallas Cowboys fan gets a ‘2015 World Champs’ tattoo (photo)


It seems like the thing to do these days in the sports social media landscape to garner attention is to get a tattoo prematurely professing the belief that one’s favorite team will soon be crowned champions (see here and here and here).

That appears to be the case with one evidently hopeful and clearly overconfident Dallas Cowboys fan. He has gotten up and gotten himself inked with an arm tattoo that proclaims the Cowboys will be hoisting the Lombardi Trophy come February 2015.

It’s easy to question the wisdom of getting such a tattoo. Further, this passionate Detroit Lions fan, who got a Super Bowl champs tattoo back in June, may have a thing or two to say regarding his cohort in the Bearer of Bad Idea NFL Ink Club.”

Either way, even a fellow Cowboys fan thinks this may not have been this guy’s brightest moment. The Dallas fan who posted the above photo to Instagram writes, “Either this is the Dumbest s**t or the boldest s**t I’ve ever seen #nfl #cowboys #cowgirls #500 #average #dumbass”


But if it pays off — and that’s assuming this is a legitimate tattoo, something that cannot be confirmed at this time — this guy will come off like the smartest fan in the world. Chances are that won’t be the case, but his boldness merits admiration. He must be taking a page out of Jerry Jones’ playbook when it comes to bold actions. For obvious reasons.

[H/T Busted Coverage via Kissing Suzy Kolber]