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Rory McIlroy catches Wanamaker Trophy after PGA president almost drops it (video)


Rory McIlroy’s heroics on Sunday weren’t limited to his play on the course courtesy of his breathtaking performance as he came from behind to win the PGA Championship by a stroke beneath the rapidly darkening skies of Valhalla on Sunday evening.

McIlroy also saved the day when he managed to catch the top of the Wanamaker Trophy after PGA of America president Ted Bishop botched the exchange during the post-championship ceremony.

Bishop, holding the trophy with both hands — which is necessary given its gargantuan size — took one hand off the Wanamaker to extend his hand in congratulation to McIlroy. Not surprisingly, the trophy tipped instantly and the top of it tumbled off it. That’s when McIlroy exhibited some cat-like reflexes, snatching the lid out of midair, sparing Bishop of any further embarrassment.

Even though it was McIlroy’s third-consecutive tournament victory, of which were book-ended by two major titles — the third and fourth of his young career — this win must have felt particularly sweet and rewarding given he had to scratch and claw and fight the entire final round to ultimately come out on top.

While it likely was a deservedly raucous atmosphere as McIlroy and his friends and family basked in the glory of the culmination of an insanely torrid hot streak of golf, no evidence has surfaced as of yet of any trophy-related, celebratory antics. But given that the Claret Jug was used as an extremely fancy shot glass for some Jagerbomb action after Rory won the British Open, chances are good that the Wanamaker Trophy’s lid was removed at least once or twice during Rory and company’s late night revelry.

Even so, a selfie posted by McIlroy revealed that some adult beverages were being imbibed on his flight to New York City:

Huh. It doesn’t look like Sasha Gale, the Irish model that Rory reportedly is dating, was on the flight. Nor does it appear that Nadia Forde, the Irish model-singer Rory was linked to prior to Gale, was on the flight, either. No matter. Even without the presence of the model on his arm– or the other one — between rising to the pinnacle of professional golf and the presence of his chums and father on the flight, it was pretty good to be Rory McIlroy on Sunday evening. But that’s obvious.

(image via @SInow)