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Peyton and Eli Manning are back ‘rapping’ in ‘Fantasy Football Fantasy’ (video)


For the second consecutive year, Peyton Manning and Eli Manning are helping pimp DirecTV product by playing the role of pimp rappers. Granted, “rappers” is an awfully nice way to describe what the Manning Brothers are doing in this brilliantly conceived and executed promotional bit — so is “pimp” for that matter.

You may recall the Mannings previous foray into hip hop hokiness from last year, “Football on Your Phone,” where the two similarly took on a tough guy, R&B persona to endorse a DirecTV NFL product. The latest installmentĀ  has the Mannings promoting a new “Fantasy Zone” channel to its NFL Sunday Ticket package.

But giving credit where credit is due, both Mannings — not to mention the ad wizards who came up with this one — deserve a pimp cup full of credit for the final product: The Mannings for agreeing to lampoon their images and for DirecTV for figuring out how to convince the two goofballs to agree to again lampoon their images. Although something tells me it didn’t take much to convince Pey-Pey and Elijah to take part. These guys seem to love hamming it up.

Seriously, the spot is so well-done it’s like one of those spectacular crash scenes in a high-budget action flick that while you marvel at the spectacle of it all, you later realize how many things had to go perfectly in order for it to be pulled off without anyone getting hurt. Of course I am referring to one of the Manning boys hurting themselves with all the mugging and sneering, completely foreign demonstrations of cockiness utterly foreign to these two squares.

In this edition of the Mannings playing against character, the two are segued into a world of hip hop excess and white boy awkwardness courtesy of DirecTV’s Fantasy Football channel, a concept that whisks the Manning boys away to a delusional “Fantasy Football Fantasy.”

Cue the jam, the mugging, the entourage, the white t-shirts and the pimp suits, cameos by Joe Namath (below, grooving while sensually helping his lady stir the pot — symbolism much? — n an incredibly awkward visual), Chris Johnson and of course family patriarch, Papa Archie.

Good lord. That’s almost as hard to watch as his infamous sideline interview with Suzy Kolber way back when.

Finally, Peyton Manning is the Man in the Moon as Eli and Archie float around in space.

Yep, that about sums up the wackiness.

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