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Jerry Jones tight-lipped on scandal, says ‘Someone has misrepresented photos’


Jerry Jones was forced to address the scandal when reluctantly speaking to the Dallas media on Sunday. And it became abundantly clear that he has no intent whatsoever of fanning the flames by making any comments of any consequence regarding the burgeoning controversy.

Jones of course became ensnared in the steamy scandal when photos purportedly from five years ago surfaced on Twitter last week featuring the Dallas Cowboys owner in compromising positions with two women later identified as strippers. The women came forward to TMZ last week and summarized the night in question, whatever it was, as follows: “There was a lot of alcohol involved.”‘


Jones, not surprisingly, was incredibly tight-lipped about the entire salacious ordeal, vacillating between evasive, noncommittal statements to comments that were borderline nonsensical.

According to The Dallas Morning News, Jones was incredibly evasive while providing few details regarding the photos. Instead, Jones reportedly used variations of “I don’t have any more comment’’ and “that’s all I’d really like to get into” six times during a three-minute period.

The photos originally were posted to Twitter by a man named Frank Hoover who also goes by the alias “Son of God.” Hoover has since deleted the photos from his account but not before the racy pics were splattered all over the Internet. Hoover claimed in a confusing screed entitled, “The Sins of Jerry Jones,” that the photos are some kind of extortion plot, although that could not be confirmed.

When asked if the photos were in fact part of some attempt at extortion, Jones offered the following perplexing comment.

“Someone has misrepresented photos taken at a restaurant five years ago for their own purposes. I’m just not going to comment on it.’’

After confirming that the photos in question were taken in a Dallas restaurant some years ago, Jones refused to expand on what he meant by “misrepresented.”

“Again, that’s all I’ll like to get into,” Jones said.

Jones insists he has been aware of the photos for about five years, which would mean he has known about them since they were allegedly taken. When asked by the media why the steamy photos, one that features Jones grabbing the breast of one woman and in the other a woman kneeling next to his crotch, are surfacing right now, Jones had no explanation.

“I really don’t have any more comment than what I’ve made,” Jones reiterated. “I said that.”

Jones was asked if authorities are involved.

“I don’t have any more comment about that,” Jones said, before pleading with the press to move on, saying, “Anyone got some football?”

It makes sense on every conceivable level that Jones would prefer not to discuss the entire sordid affair. Refusing to provide any real information to the media not only precludes him from saying anything incriminating himself, it also preserves any unknown information he may have in his possession that could serve him well in a possible future legal action against those who disseminated the photos with the goal of extorting him, if that is indeed what is going on in this entire affair.

But his comments about the photos somehow being a misrepresentation, well, of anything? It’s difficult to ascertain exactly how either of the two photos could be misrepresented in any manner. As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” and the pretty straightforward images of Jones getting a handful of breast in one photo and appearing in the other sans pants with a stripper’s head nestled in his nether regions have countless words that could be attributed to them, none of which are “misrepresented.”