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Strippers on racy photos with Jerry Jones: ‘There was a lot of alcohol involved’ (pics)


The two women prominently and scandalously featured in the racy photos that surfaced earlier this week of Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones caught in very compromising positions have been identified as strippers.

TMZ Sports has managed to track down the two previously unidentified ladies and both women claim to have a very hazy recollection of the evening in question, saying their memories are quite sullied due to the copious amount of alcohol that was imbibed that night.

The women — identified as Lindzie (the blonde) and Jordan (the brunette) — both currently employed as exotic dancers in Texas, say the events captured in the photographs occurred about five years ago.

But if time hasn’t blurred their ability to recall any details, the booze appears to have done the trick.

TMZ quotes one of the women as stating “there was a lot of alcohol involved.” This eems to add credence to their claim that neither them nor Jones realized the photographs were being snapped by a female friend on the sly. Both reportedly indicated that had Jones noticed, his bodyguard surely would have confiscated whatever photographic device was used.

jerry-jones-scandal-3 jerry-jones-scandal

Both Lindzie and Jordan have sought out legal counsel and claim they are concerned that Jones may pursue legal action against them even though both insist it was not their wish to have the photos ever go public.

The women claim they have tried to reach out to the friend who snapped the pics, but have not heard back.

It appears that while the women don’t want to get sued by Jones over the photos, neither seems to mind the publicity generated by their emergence, nor do either of them seem inclined to steer clear of any notoriety that may be garnered courtesy of their presence in the steamy pics.

The logic employed by both women appears to be: If photographic evidence exists of a billionaire NFL owner grabbing my breast¬† — for Lindzie — what the heck. And how about having one’s face plastered in the crotch of said billionaire NFL owner — in Jordan’s case —¬† what is she supposed to do about it now?

Why not take advantage of the situation by going public with hazily recollected details from the debaucherous evening of apparently boozy frivolity? It probably seems like a good idea right now … that is until Jones high-powered legal team descends upon them and start wreaking havoc. Then the ladies may regret coming forward and talking to TMZ about it.