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Intestinal fortitude: Bengals’ Matt Scott vomits twice, throws TD pass (video)


Cincinnati Bengals backup quarterback Matt Scott turned the field at Arrowhead Stadium into his personal vomitorium — in a departure from the real meaning of the term that takes the “vomit” part literally¬† — during Thursday’s preseason game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Cameras caught Scott vomiting twice, once as the team lined up and again right before the ball was snapped as he waited for a shotgun snap, giving a whole new meaning to “emptying the backfield.” So to speak.

But what makes Scott’s puking so notable is that the 23-year-old third-string quarterback managed to maintain his composure after spilling the contents of his stomach on the field. As if what just happen never did, Scott surveyed the field and threw a dart to Conner Vernon on a slant route that resulted in a 12-yard touchdown pass.

Talk about intestinal fortitude, right? Wait, I already used that one, which means I have made that hackneyed reference as much as Scott puked on the play in question. Synergy! Or something.

Scott finished 7-for-11 for 66 yards with 68 yards rushing, one TD pass and two PDs (Pukedowns).

Scott apparently has some previous experience with puking during games, going back to his days at Arizona State. It’s not the best thing for a football player to have on his resume, but hey, anytime a player can put plays on tape — especially that demonstrate something somewhat positive, so much the better.

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