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40oz. to Freedom? Levi’s Stadium selling $12 ‘Brown Bag Special,’ $75 ale (photos)


Much has been made about the San Francisco 49ers’ state-of-the-art and fancy new sports palace, Levi’s Stadium, from its cutting-edge technology to the litany of off-the-wall food items that will be available on game day.

Focusing upon the foodstuff end of things, a restaurant located in an entrance of the stadium, Bourbon Steak & Pub, is making waves as the eatery attempts to navigate between being a restaurant typical of a football stadium and a high-end dining destination. But as if often the case with eating and drinking at sporting events, no matter what makes a person’s mouth water or whets their whistle, it’s going to cost them.

The restaurant earlier this week unveiled the Double-Barrel Wagyu Hot Dog with Pork Chicharrones, a high cuisine interpretation of the stadium hot dog.

The San Jose Mercury News’ Mike Rosenberg has a great rundown of what’s coming up at the fancy restaurant, and a few recent menu items covered in the article, among other things, revolve around the beer selections that will be available at Bourbon Steak & Pub. The restaurant will be offering a wide array of brews, from the very, very top shelf to something that would be more akin to a tailgate setting.

The low end of the spectrum includes the stadium staples Coors Light and Budweiser, available for $6 in bottles and/or cans. On the far, far other end of the spectrum, among some truly high quality array of  beer options, the restaurant has an obscenely priced Belgian ale, which comes in at a stupefying $75 for a 25-ounce serving.

A close-up of the menu, just in case one cannot wrap their brains around the realization that a $75 beer exists at an NFL stadium (via Gamedayr):


Yep. The Deus Belgian Strong Ale will cost a person seventy-five smackeroos. Mercy. Other quality brews will empty wallets of $24, even $30 to whet one’s whistle.

At least Bourbon Steak & Pub has a tongue-in-cheek offering in an attempt to allow customers to slum it a bit while still enjoying the ambiance and splendor of the 17,000-square-foot fine dining outfit.

Among the veritable bevy of beers available is something the restaurant is referring to as the ” Mickey’s Brown Bag Special,” a 40-ounce serving of malt liquor goodness, presumably served in the traditional and aforementioned brown bag. Cost? $12. Sure, it’s way more than one would pay for something that is always waiting at the liquor store —  “40 oz to Freedom.” — but still, that’s a decent amount of malt liquor for twelve bucks … at least at a stadium

Whatever particular beer choice one decides to imbibe upon, all will most certainly help wash down a steak offering from the restaurant that is flat-out absurd.

Bourbon Steak & Pub has a an 8 ounce Japanese rib cap steak, and while it looks delicious, the price tag just might turn a few people off (via @darrenrovell):


That will run someone $336. : Uh, I’m just gonna go find a cash machine.  Wow.