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Vikings-backing couple’s ’99 Problems’ combo custom jerseys are the tops (photo)


A couple spotted at Minnesota Vikings training camp should be declared the King and Queen of combo customized jerseys for their efforts in creating a fantastic tribute to the Jay-Z classic, “99 Problems.”

As you can see, the guy has the No. 99 jersey with “PROBLEMS” and his gal has “AIN’T” with the No. 1 jersey, meaning that, of course, she isn’t a, well, you know.

Kudos all around to this Vikings-backing super couple and their brilliant ode to a hip hop classic, especially in the way the two utilized both jerseys to make the reference.

It sure beats my “Lars and the Real Girl”-themed combo jerseys from last year’s Vikings training camp. I still don’t understand why security felt compelled to escort me and my gal off the grounds, though. Sigh.

Yeah, you might have to look that one up.

(image credit: @ParkerHageman, via @cjzero)