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‘For f**k’s sake!’: Another rough round, another f-bomb from Tiger Woods (video)


Tiger Woods may be keeping a tenuous hold on his round on the scorecard, the golfer once again is making errant shot after errant shot during the first round of the PGA Championship at Valhalla.

After being allowed to wait until the last moment to determine whether his wonky back felt well enough for him to play in the final major of the season, Tiger ultimately decided to give it a go, perhaps flying in the face of any semblance of common sense.

So there he was teeing off on No. 10 — his first hole of the day — on Thursday morning. It quickly became abundantly clear that Woods is nowhere close to competitive condition, much less in any shape to have any shot at contending this weekend … if he makes it that far.

One again, as was the case for a bulk of his play at the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational last weekend before a back injury forced him to withdraw on Sunday, Woods is spraying balls all over the course at Valhalla.

He finished his first nine holes on the back with a 37 and the 1-over score doesn’t tell half the story. Shots airmailed into the crowd, chunks, you name it, were in play, making Tiger resemble a hack golfer more than a 14-time major winner … or even a PGA Tour golfer for that matter.

But things got real bad after the turn, both in the quality of shots Tiger was hitting and his frustrated, profane response to yet another horrific shot, at least following one particularly brutal tee shot.

Watch as Woods spays his tee shot on No. 1 and pay attention (LISTENER DISCRETION ADVISED) to what Tiger says as he watches his ball sail way off line.

Yep, that’s a “For f**k’s sake!” coming out of Tiger’s patented potty mouth. How ugly was Tiger’s tee shot? This graphic pretty well sums it up.

Mercy. Woods went on to bogey that hole and bogeyed No. 2 before starting a run of three pars.

Something tells me Tiger may start to regret his decision to play this week. At least he has a “sudden back injury/spasm” card in his back pocket to play as needed.

However the rest of Woods’ week plays out, it sure seems like any coverage of his play trends much more towards horrible play than masterful shots, as was the case back in the day. Sad, really. At least as long as Tiger is around, golfers can get some work in on their photobomb game. Which is nice for them.

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