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Aw, LeBron? Iron Chef Michael Symon picked bad day to visit Browns camp (pics/vid)


Michael Symon may be a big name in Ohio, what with being an Iron Chef and a Cleveland native, but he sure picked a horrible day to attend Cleveland Browns training camp if he expected to be the most sought-after guest patrolling the grounds on Thursday.

He can blame LeBron James for that.

Ohio’s other favorite native son made an impromptu appearance at Browns camp in Berea, Ohio, sending a shock wave of electricity wherever he went.

Joined by his sons, King James of course he spent some timeĀ  hanging with his pal Johnny Manziel.after taking in the second half of the team’s morning practice.

Some video of the visit from royalty, via

It sure looks like everyone was pretty impressed by LeBron’s appearance. Except for Michael Symon, probably. The Iron Chef probably was forced to eat a huge slice of humble pie after LeBron strolled in. Let’s hope Symon himself prepared the dessert. That way it probably tasted delicious. A bit bitter, but tasty nonetheless.

“Allez cuisine!”

(top image via Cleveland Browns/Instagram)